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About IEGS


The Mathematics Department at IEGS is a dynamic department committed to making the study of maths as accessible and enjoyable as possible.

The Department has a staff of 11 qualified Maths teachers who can all teach across the full range of courses in both the Swedish programmes and the International Baccalaureate programme.

In addition to each member of staff having a one hour tutorial time per week, we also provide support staff. Dedicated staff are on hand to provide students with as much help as they need with their Math courses. We also have an open door policy, encouraging students to ask for help or guidance from any teacher when that teacher is available.

Aim of the subject

Teaching in mathematics should aim for students developing their ability to work mathematically. This involves developing an understanding of mathematical concepts and methods, as well as different strategies for solving mathematical problems and using mathematics in social and professional situations. Through teaching, students are given the opportunity to challenge, deepen and broaden their creativity and mathematical skills. In addition, it should contribute to students developing the ability to apply mathematics in different contexts, and understand its importance for the individual and society. Teaching should cover a variety of working forms and methods, where investigative activities form a part. Where appropriate, teaching should take place in environments that are relevant and closely related to praxis. Teachers give students the opportunity to communicate using different forms of expression. In addition, it should provide students with challenges, as well as experience in the logic, generalisability, creative qualities and multifaceted nature of mathematics. Through teaching, students’ confidence in their ability to use mathematics in different contexts, and provide scope for problem solving both as a goal and an instrument, is strengthened. Students are given the opportunity to develop their ability to use digital technology, digital media, and other tools which can occur in subjects typical of programmes.

Teaching in mathematics should give students the opportunity to develop their ability to:

  1. use and describe the meaning of mathematical concepts and their interrelationships
  2. manage procedures and solve tasks of a standard nature with and without tools
  3. formulate, analyse and solve mathematical problems, and assess selected strategies, methods and results
  4. interpret a realistic situation and design a mathematical model, as well as use and assess a model’s properties and limitations
  5. follow, apply and assess mathematical reasoning
  6. communicate mathematical thinking orally, in writing, and in action
  7. relate mathematics to its importance and us
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