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Meet the Principal

Dr. Rachel Heimeier

Dr. Rachel Heimeier

Dr. Heimeier has been the Principal for IEGS since August 2013. Previously she inaugurated, as the Principal at Internationella Engelska Skolan in Uppsala, a middle school for students in grades four to nine. “It is great to formally step into my role as principal for our gymnasium” says Dr. Heimeier. “I have moved from a middle school surrounded by apple orchards in Uppsala to an upper secondary school in the culturally hip district of Södermalm”.

Her vision is to continue to develop the strong academic profile that IEGS has. “It is important for us at IEGS that each student, upon completion of their studies here, feels prepared for the next phase in his or her development as a young, independent adult”, she emphasises. As a young woman working in such a competitive and international milieu, she learned of the importance of fostering a constructive work environment. “I consider myself to be highly versatile, willing to take on challenges, and fearless of change”.

Dr. Heimeier has a highly international background and has experienced the transition of moving from one country to another as a child, adult and professional. Before coming to Sweden, she lived in South Africa, Australia and the United States. “I believe my background helps me engage different cultures and different workplace attitudes with ease”.

She holds a PhD in the science of Molecular Endocrinology from Deakin University, Australia, and has more than ten years of biomedical research practice in academia and scientific institutes.

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