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Modern Language Achievements of 2018

By Megan Rocher

This year the Modern Languages Department here at IEGS has had the privilege of participating in two language competitions; the annual Språkolympiaden (the Olympic Games of Languages) as well as the Chinese Bridge, a Chinese language proficiency competition. Both of these competitions look, not only at the students competency in each language, but also at the cultural norms and practices of these countries.

After competing in the first round of the Språkolympiaden in January, our students qualified for the Regional Final in Spanish, French and German. In March the students in Spanish, Parnian Karimi Arzenani (IB3B) and Afonso Liz Fernandes (IB3G) and in French, Esther-Pouline Gardshorn (NV3E) and another student qualified for the National Final! This took place in Malmö last Friday with our students all performing exceptionally, and representing the school with pride! The Spanish students finished in 4th place and the French students in 2nd place.

Axel Hammar (NS3A) and Cormac Ryan Balkeståhl (NV3E) represented our school in Chinese Bridge. Cormac notably impressed the judges with his outstanding language potential whilst Axel attracted all audience with his performance of a classical dance. This particular dance expresses the highest respect to Confucius, as well the diligence and guts a student must display during his/her learning process. Axel danced so well that the judges rewarded him with a full score! Both of  our students won the first prize for their individual performance and as a team and have been awarded a one-year scholarship to study the Chinese language at any university they choose in China!

Additionally Axel will, together with another student from Uppsala, represent Sweden in the final competition which takes place in China in October this year. Cormac will also be travelling to China to watch the final competition!

Congratulation to all these students and teachers whose hard work and perseverance led to their fantastic results!




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