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How to Apply

Applying from Abroad

IEGS offers gymnasium programmes within the Swedish school system as well as the IB-programme (International Baccalaureate). The requirements differ depending on which programme you are applying to.

If you are applying to start studying at IEGS at the start of the autumn term, students applying for both Swedish gymnasium programmes and the IB apply through Gymnasieantagningen. There you will find all information on how to apply, when to apply, what qualifications you need (behörig), etc. This is also where you fill in your application. If you have grades from another system or another country, you apply through "Fri kvot". Please read more about that on Gymnasieantagningen.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Gymnasieantagningen directly.

For students who have already started gymnasium in Sweden and wish to transfer to IEGS, please read this.

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